Friday Afternoon Posters

Post-graduate (Faculty)

Statistical Models

“Comparing Modeling Approaches for Misreporting in Binary Political Science Outcomes”
Benjamin E. Bagozzi, Patrick T. Brandt, John R. Freeman, and Carly Potz-Nielsen

“When can I use multinomial logit? Demystifying violations of the independence of irrelevant alternatives (IIA) assumption”
Nathan Favero

“Inferring Network of international Armament Collaboration: Evidence from the US”
Huan-Kai Tseng and David An

“Sensitivity to Spatial Dependence”
Timm Betz, Scott J. Cook, and Florian M. Hollenbach

“Accounting for Temporal Dependence in Regressions with Limited Dependent Variables”
Mark Nieman and Clayton Webb

“Causal Inference with Duration Data: A Covariate Balancing Weighting Approach”
Hiroto Katsumata 

Causal Inference

“Equivalence Based Falsification Tests for Regression Discontinuity Designs”
Erin Hartman

“Determinants of Vote Buying in Mexico, 1998-2017”
Yuriko Takahashi

“Show Me the Money: Family Income and the Intergenerational Transmission of Voting Behavior”
Randall Akee, William Copeland, E. Jane Costello, John B. Holbein, and Emilia Simeonova

Experiments: Natural and Survey

“After a Storm Come Votes: The Electoral Consequences of Disaster Relief”
Kentaro Fukumoto, Kyosuke Kikuta, and Masato Yanagi

“God, Sex, and Politics: Disentangling the Dimensions of Discrimination in Apolitical Contexts”
Stephen Goggin, Maggie Deichert, and Alex Theodoridis

Machine Learning

“(Machine) Learning about Interpersonal Political Persuasion”
Lisa Argyle

“Active Learning Approaches to Classifying Agency Delegation in Congress”
Joshua Lerner, Mathew McCubbins, Kristen Renberg, and Gregory Spell

“Using regression trees to estimate the impact of localized events taking place over time”
Ines Levin

“A variable screening approach to reducing dimensionality”
Adeline Lo

Estimating Preferences

“Investigating the link between income inequality and political polarization in Congress with a two-dimensional IRT model”
John Kuk

“A Latent Class Framework for Roll Call Analysis”
Juraj Medzihorsky

Text Analysis

“Measuring Policy Diffusion through the Text Similarity across Millions of Legislative Bills”
Yuki Shiraito, Mary Kroeger, Kosuke Imai, and Alexey Svyatkovskiy

Crowdsourcing Data

“Is 2Chainz the Mayor of Atlanta? Crowdsourcing Local Data in the United States”
Mirya Holman, Jane Sumner, and Emily Farris

Bayesian Analysis

“Bayesian inference on Product Partition Models”
Bryce Corrigan


“Replications in Context: A Framework for Evaluating New Methods in Quantitative Political Science”
Jeff Harden, Anand Sokhey, and Hannah Wilson

Game Theory

“Adding behavioral and learning models to the international interaction game”
Ryan G. Baird and David Masad