Pre-graduate student

(AERoPUP/incoming graduate students)

Machine Learning

“Measuring Government Transparency at Scale using Hierarchical Website Classification”
Soubhik Barari and F. Daniel Hidalgo

Statistical Models

“Institutional Persistence: Colonial Legacies and Corruption”
Joan Joseph

“Investing for Peace, Peace for Investing: Motivations Behind China's Involvement in UN Peacekeeping Operations”
Fred (Wen Jie) Tan

“Foster Care Privatization: How an Increasingly Popular Public Policy Leads to Increased Levels of Abuse and Neglect”
Mandi Eatough

“The Elusive 'Likely Voter': Improving Prediction of Who Will Vote”
Anthony Rentsch


“Voter Behavior Survey Experiment: Economic Anxiety vs. Xenophobia”
Marissa Adler

“The Moderating Influence of Social Contact on Perceptions of Immigrants in France”
Katherine Clayton


“Income Segregation Across Schools and The Shapes of School Attendance Zones”
Kathleen Bryant

“A Standardized Method for Evaluating Measures of Partisan Fairness in Legislative Redistricting”
Elizabeth Rosenblatt, Gary King, and Jonathan Katz